Saturday, May 11, 2013

When my heart speaks..

I wish that i could touch that face.. 
And see right through that eyes.. 
Listen to that voice every night.. 
So that i can sleep tight.. 

The day that i'll never forget.. 
When you touch my hands and give me your sweetest smile.. 
That once i neglect.. 
But now i realize one thing.. 
The decision that kills me day by day.. 
Started this self-war.. 
That no one knows.. 

Every time i see that name appears, the lightning strikes me.. 
Everything becomes so dark, blurs all the edges.. 
But this heart beats faster and faster.. 
What all these means? 

One thing that that i learned.. 
Never expect.. 
To God i leave notes.. 
The only One that i can talk with.. 
Shall i give up or moving on? 
I just let Him lead my path..