Saturday, January 8, 2011

counting every steps..

Just having some walk with my friends alex and nick.. Staring at the dark sky, there are thousands of stars up there. I wish i could be the one of them. I just realized something that i had expected before. But it's ok.. i only think about 1 thing, walking slowly for this coming 2 years and i'll be free.

Talking about friendship, what do you think about it? As we grow up for each day, people's opinion and thoughts about something will change. You can't trust everyone around you even with the closest one with you. So now, what's the thing that keep running in my mind is just keep silent. Response if necessary. This is hard and i know. Oh yeah...i'm deaf and blind now.. ^^V.

Friday, January 7, 2011 page

Praise the Lord for giving me a chance to live until this new year of 2011..!! Hallelujah~ For a long long time i have neglected my blog...hihi~ lack of idea actually and just want to rest my mind from all the mess that had happened to me in 2010.. but some of the days i really missed so much..but it's ok, i know there's a lot of great thing will come towards me. Just have faith..amen..wink2!!

Hmm.. it's been a week i have started my new sem with new people around me also the new environment and atmosphere..really enjoy with them as they make my days go brightly everyday. Oh ya! Today i played with my neighbor's dog..hahaha! he's so handsome & playful..~ Who say that it can't be tame??.. well, i'm cute enough to attract him! **perasan** I'm gonna play with him again tomorrow! yeahh~ **animal's lover** <3<3

Just saw a "tiger" under my friend's car.. It's a cat! hihi~ she's so cute.. i called her and with no doubt, she came towards me. Of course i cuddled her...huhu~ it reminds me with my cats at home. I guess she will stay with me here.. yeahh..TIGER!! I welcome you to stay here with me!! <3 Still thinking to have a hamster for me to play with..<3

Slurrppp!! **having a cup of tea** ^.^V

Waiting for my academic result for last sem. Hoho~~

Whatever it is, i hope this new year will bring more brightness in me. ^^