Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's been awhile...

I don't exactly what i want to jot down here.. Well, i love writing once upon a time ..i spent so much time for my own..i wrote so many short stories, poems but i forgot where did i put all my collections. Maybe my mommy had burnt them all! wuuu~ I put some of my poems and short stories that i'd created here..sayau mai ku enda engkah semua!! arrgghh!..keluar dah jaku iban..hahaha..but now i'm lacked of idea. This year is the busiest year that i have ever had. So much things happened. It has been almost 6 years i spend my life in a city that takes more than hundred km from my hometown. I have learned so much things in this life. Being independent started from 18 years old. I learn how to face people, problems, works, studies and any situations. The ups and downs moments, the laughs and tears taught me a lot until i become stronger each day. Stand and face the unknown!!

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